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The Fourth River Company

Founded in 1997, The Fourth River Company (FRC) is an engineering and construction firm specializing in environmental protection and environmental restoration. Through proper storage and handling of hazardous materials and wastes, FRC helps businesses protect the environment, because that is least expensive in the long term. When accidents or historical conditions have impacted the environment, FRC helps businesses balance technical, financial, and regulatory issues while restoring the environment.


Each of the founders of FRC has over twenty-five years of experience spanning nearly every aspect of the environmental industry. This broad context informs our services as we focus on the following principal areas of practice: design, installation, and removal of chemical and petroleum storage facilities; site assessments for property development and remedial investigations for chemical and petroleum releases; soil and groundwater remediation and water treatment for brownfield redevelopment; and characterization and management of excavated soils for construction projects. Our broad experience, allows us to handle unique projects.

A Philosophy of Service

FRC tries to understand our customers' businesses as well as possible so we can arrange our work to best fit into their business goals. FRC always strives to equally satisfy the technical, financial, and regulatory aspects of a project. FRC will do a little more or go the extra mile to satisfy not only the project requirements, but also our own standards of quality.

What is the Fourth River?

In Pittsburgh mythology, many people will swear there is an underground river below the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers. This underground river is said to be the source of water for the fountain at Point State Park. Of course, it's really a sand and gravel aquifer, deposited as outwash at the end of the last glaciation. FRC does a lot of work with ground water and we are proud to be from Pittsburgh, so we named our company after this mythical river and adopted the fountain as our logo.


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