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Business Aviation Center
Fuel Farm Design/Build

Project: fd_02

FRC teamed with another contractor to design and build a fuel farm at a business aviation facility at Pittsburgh International Airport. The tanks include four 40,000-gallon Jet-A tanks, a 12,000-gallon aviation gasoline tank, and 2,000-gallon diesel fuel and automotive gasoline tanks. FRC laid out the fuel farm according to NFPA Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code and designed a recessed concrete containment area. FRC prepared the PADEP site-specific installation permit and county permits, local plan approval and building permit. FRC reviewed system hydraulic performance for the Jet-A and AvGas pump pads and floating suction intakes. FRC prepared civil, mechanical, and electrical drawings to document the design. FRC installed the concrete containment and an oil/water separator to treat surface water before discharging to the sanitary sewer. FRC prepared as-built drawings of the system and wrote an SPCC plan for the facility.


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