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Shopping Center
Act 2 Voluntary Remediation
  Aquifer Non-Use Determination

Project: sc_03

In the course of performing a Phase I environmental site assessment at a shopping mall, FRC learned that two former gasoline service stations had existed on the property. FRC performed a surface geophysical survey which identified both tank fields. FRC performed subsurface investigations including Geoprobe soil and groundwater sampling and analysis, monitoring well installation, and quarterly groundwater monitoring. FRC used fate and transport modeling and a door-to-door survey of property owners within 1,000 feet hydrogeologically downgradient of the site to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the PADEP that the aquifer at the site is not used for drinking water purposes. Once the non-used aquifer status was approved, FRC removed six USTs from the two tank fields and restored the parking lots. The property manager will receive relief of liability based on meeting the statewide health standard with a non-used aquifer and non-residential land use.


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