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Allegheny County Airport Authority
Municipal, Residual, and Hazardous
  Waste Removal

Project: rm_01

FRC provided round-the-clock inspectors and geologists to monitor excavations in the borrow area for a runway safety improvements project at Pittsburgh International Airport. The borrow area contained soil; mine spoil; decomposed and non-decomposed municipal waste; and residual and hazardous industrial waste. A total of 750,000 cubic yards of soil, mine spoil, and decomposed municipal waste was analyzed and qualified to meet specific PADEP requirements and excavated and placed in a ravine adjacent to a runway. Approximately 125,000 cubic yards of non-decomposed municipal waste was excavated and consolidated in a lined, temporary stockpile. A total of 1,200 cubic yards of industrial residual and hazardous waste was consolidated in roll-off boxes, tested, and properly disposed of. FRC performed a subsurface investigation in one area where a significant volume of waste remained. If remediated under that contract, it would have cost the owner $3.4M. FRC recommended that it be taken out of the contract and rebid by itself. That resulted in the area being remediated for $0.6M instead, for a savings to the owner of $2.8M.


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