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Project: watertreatment
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General Contractor
Groundwater Treatment
  Light Rail Terminal

Project: wt_01

Construction of a light rail terminal involved building a bridge over a small creek. On one side of the creek, excavation for the abutment would encounter legacy soil and groundwater contamination. FRC screened soils from the excavation into clean fill and residual waste streams. FRC transported and disposed of the stockpiled residual waste. Groundwater from the excavation was initially intended by the designed to be pumped out and disposed of off-site, but they underestimated the volume required by several factors. FRC designed and permitted a temporary groundwater treatment system consisting of a settling basin, media filters, and carbon filters. FRC operated the system for two months while construction proceeded, with discharge to the stream. FRC's approach solved the problem for a cost of $55,000, while as originally designed it would have cost $315,000, for a savings of $260,000 to the owner.


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